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Real Estate Listings, Customized Permalink Pages, and  Feature Ads

Normal and Enhanced Presence Options on
HomeList BC and HomeList Canada, and local/regional Tourism Solutions sites (where applicable).

How it Works:

The base HomeList package provides a PERMALINK page on HomeList Canada, connected at no additional cost to corresponding regional and local real estate directories that are part of our national network.  For example, a national listing for a Langford, BC property would also appear on HomeList BC, Islands BC, Tourism Westshore, and Victoria!

At minimum, a Homelist participant could simply email us a PDF brochure that they produce themselves.   However, we recommend that users supply data, images, video links, copy and a rough design concept, which we will assemble into a consistent presentation package with interactive menu-driven features.  A standard version of this process is just $75.  

For private vendors, using an independent real estate digital media specialist is also recommended.  Please check our "Resources" page for local options and general suggestions.  A professional firm covering a diverse range of services (photography - including local lifestyle content - basic aerial/video, floorplans, print/online media templates and Smartlink mapping) may charge as little as $300 for a medium-sized property, up to $500 with an advanced 3D virtual tour.  This expense is only a tiny fraction of the final selling price of the property, so it is a smart investment overall.

Enhancing presence on any of our sites is very cost-effective, through use of a FEATURE ad upgrade (a small number of featured listings shown prominently in a special section of each regional page) and the very exclusive SHOWCASE VIDEO option (limited to 12 participants for an entire HomeList site!)


Specialized real estate directory entry placed concurrently on regional, provincial and national sites with a common permalink page (like "").   

Private and agency property sales are welcome.

Prominently placed in context just below the corresponding regional page on any of our sites.

The source directory listing is specially colour-coded as well, drawing attention to it.

The gallery image of the FEATURE ad may transform to an external video, or simply expand to its full-size equivalent.  It will also be linked to an external site or HomeList PERMALINK page. 


SHOWCASE VIDEO ($200/year):

20-second clip as part of a 4-minute feature presentation on the home page of HomeList Canada or HomeList BC.  Other sites are available for just $140 per year.

FEATURE ADS or SHOWCASE VIDEOS placed on 2 or more of our sites concurrently receive a 20% discount!

All placement fees are subject to GST.

Development and update costs are additional, with optional in-house design and production services available for just $25/hour (exluding incremental media rights licensing if required).

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